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Reflections on inclusive educational practice, diversifying and decolonising the curriculum

Social biases, stereotypes and stigmas linked to protected groups (see Equality Act) are disrupting education for students. This happens in various ways: from the triggering of stereotype threat which compounds learners’ emotional and cognitive loads (Bullock et al, 2020) to restricting a sense of belonging and not feeling safe in coming forward with concerns or struggles faced (e.g. in terms of mental health or specific learning difficulties). Read more

Time for change as Black Lives Matter

We are committee members of DIMAH (Diversity in Medicine and Health), a national collaborative organisation in the UK. We write in response to Black Lives Matter movement and the international response to the police murder of George Floyd on 25 May 2020 in the USA. Read more

2019 Conference: University of Liverpool

The 2019 DIMAH conference was an indelible success with an opportunity to really immerse in discussions on diversity through inspiring workshops and talks. The following are some of the workshops presented at the conference:

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