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Free on line training (available to non-members)

As part of the C2ME project three modules have been produced to help support medical educators to integrate diversity into medical education.

The modules are set up so that people can enrol themselves on each one.  The links for enrolment are below. Once you have enrolled, you can login to CourseSites and see their courses in their ‘My Courses’ list on the right of the screen.


•Module 1: Integrating Diversity into the Curriculum – piloted and completed (author Nisha Dogra)

•Module 2: The Social Determinants of Health – awaiting completion (authors: Inessa Markus and Michael Knipper)

•Module 3: Diversity and Communication – piloted and completed (authors: Nisha Dogra, Jon Ward, Judith Sim and Jeanine Suurmond)

Links to the completed modules can be found by clicking below:

Module 1:  Culturally appropriate teaching in medicine

Module 3:  Diversity and Communication

Module 2 will be available shortly

Diversity Videos

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[tabby title=”Cultural Competence”]

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[tabby title=”Why Join Dimah?”]

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University of Leicester Diversity Video used in Clinical Communication and Diversity
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